Software Development & Implementation

Enter Bangladesh Ltd. has over several years of combined product development and information technology (IT) management expertise. This experience allows our team to offer unique perspectives on architecting solutions, analysis on technology returns, and product recommendations for our clients. We can assist you in managing the implementation of a wide range of software services, from large enterprise solutions to smaller internal development software solutions. Additionally, we can coordinate your IT implementation, and we are fully capable of developing stand-alone software for your organization’s specific needs

The following items highlight the comprehensive IT planning, implementation, and development assistance offered RCC:

Complete product comparative analysis

Our team will research best-in-breed products, coordinate vendor activity, and produce a rank and score assessment based on client-specific criteria. This process yields the absolute best fit for our client and our client’s environment.

Product & initiative implementation management

Enter IT determines a few unique additions to initiative management. We believe that what gets measured gets done, so we will work to establish clear benchmarks both in time and, where appropriate, in dollars for the return on a given. More so, we coordinate between business needs and processes, contrasting stakeholder needs and perspectives, with technology capabilities. Our unique skill mix of technologies and management engineers give us a complete perspective on what is required to successfully manage and implement initiatives.

IT interim executive management

Enter IT offers interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT director personnel to help our clients manage through transitions in their technology personnel. Our professionals have all served as either a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), CIO, Director of Technology, or Director of Development for technology and software companies. This is simply, another option to add value for our valued clientele.

Program life cycle management

Using proven methodology, we map out a program structure and management process to ensure client success. Such a tool may begin as early as the opportunity analysis phase of a business case to the post-implementation support phase.

Business automation oversight

We offer automation assessments, project management, and automation oversight. Our team is confident in providing a strategic IT plan, creating a program plan for all your projects, assessing your current infrastructure, and making recommendations. End results are customized cost-effective and efficient solutions for maximum satisfaction.

Software development and product management

Enter IT provides our client with tailor data integration, data loading, and web-based utilities used in the development of business/process automation. We also develop commercial software solutions and manage custom development environments using the same methodology in bringing commercial products to market. This assures that our clients have a maintainable, well documented application or utility that can be enhanced or packaged for further deployment.

Our team can provide customized software development and implementation solutions for you and your organization. Our proven capabilities in IT planning, development, and implementation can support your organization to achieve desired goals and objectives.